So... Where Is The Dusty Dog Cafe?

Well, not to be cryptic, but it's everywhere and nowhere. On one hand, you've landed on the imaginary construct existing only on the web. On the other, It's an idea based on hundreds of small town coffee shops around the rural American West.

They're not hard to find, just follow the locals...

Look for a restaurant surrounded by dust covered cars and flatbed pickups. Usually there's a patient stock dog waiting in the back of each truck. Then, if you step inside, you'll find the 'long-table' where the locals gather over an endless cup of coffee to swap stories or cuss and discuss events of the day.

Welcome to the cafe's gift shop...

If you see something you'd like to take home which reminds you of the rural American West...where personal space is measured in miles...this is the spot.

About Us

Bing Bingham

Gift Shop Owner

Bing Bingham is the author, photographer and head dishwasher behind the scenes at the Dusty Dog Cafe. He lives with his wife and three very dusty stock dogs deep in the Oregon desert.

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